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Are They All The Same?

plant-skinnyAnyone who has spent any amount of time in the essential oil market will find vast differences in the prices, smells, and potency of different essential oil brands.  As spoken of in the What Are Essential Oils section, essential oils are harvested from natural sources from all around the world.  The disparity in the quality and attributes of the oil begin at this point.  For the finest quality essential oils great care must be taken in the farming and harvesting of these rich oils. The next big difference in essential oil quality comes after the oils have been harvested from their natural source.  Some companies put their oils through rigorous testing to ensure that their product has the highest quality, and confirms that the oil has the correct composition.

There are many companies that at this point will dilute this pure oil with a carrier oil, thus sacrificing quality in order to undercut competitors without losing their profit margin. Not all essential oil brands are selling you the same products.  Through our research and product usage we have been most happy with dōTERRA, their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are harshly tested and must meet the highest bar of quality.  That quality clearly shows in the potency and effectiveness of these essential oils.  It was the amazing effects of these oils that lead us to pursue more information about dōTERRA International and later to become wholesale customers.

Not only this, but dōTERRA goes all around the world to insure their oils are of the best quality through their co-impacting sourcing. They go to countries with economic struggle and farm plants to extract the purest of oils. With this they also help these countries by giving them jobs and creating industry for the particular country.

By going to where these plants have been grown for centuries it ensures that the plants are properly cared for and grown to extract the best oils possible. With farmers that have been harvesting these plants their whole lives, they have learned when to harvest these plants at just the right time to get the best oils.

For more information on this process watch the video on co-impact sourcing below.

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